Spring B 2014
March 6 - May 3

Student Tutorials for Moodle

Check out the Student Tutorials for Moodle 2.4!

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Log In Instructions to Moodle 2.4

Log-in with your Barry credentials (enter your username-your username is before the @ symbol in your e-mail address and your password). If you have challenges with your password, please contact the Barry IT Support Desk for assistance.

Phone: 305-899-3604
Toll Free: 1-800-756-6000 ext. 3604
Email: helpdesk@mail.barry.edu
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM

If you are able log into My Barry but not your email account please reset your password. Barry University Password Reset:

More information here:

Moodle Help

If you have questions about Moodle or need assistance with any of the Moodle Tools or Course Navigation elements, contact the Learning House Help Desk for 24/7 assistance. Call them and get a live person to help you 24 hours a day-7 days a week! (Don’t call the Barry IT Support Desk for Moodle questions other than password or login assistance).

24/7 Phone Support: 1-800-985-9781